The NeuroStim® is used, among other things, for sports injuries. Muscle strains or even muscle fiber tears, injuries to tendons and ligaments can be treated immediately with the NeuroStim® supportive, so that a bonding of the scar tissue is prevented. The lubricity of the connective tissue structures is thus maintained during the regeneration phase, so that a full functionality is expected. Regular use of the NeuroStim® in training management instantly incorporates micro-ruptures into the metabolic process and prevents major injuries.

Effectively achieve pure relaxation through the effect of cell biological regulation when using a NeuroStim® massage. Thanks to the actuator's unique, longitudinal vibration, your customer will experience a new level of wellness at the highest level and achieve true regeneration.

The application of endogenous vibrations in the range of 8 - 32 Hz leads to the optimization of the Trainsitstrecke for cell messengers and metabolic end products and thus to improve the PH value of the intracellular space. With this optimization of the microcirculation a fundamental contribution to the maintenance of the natural bodily functions is guaranteed.

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